Invest In Your Tomorrow Today!




Forex trading has been my hobby for many years. However, I have been trading full time only in the last three years.  

In this journey, I've had many extremely bad experiences, which I wouldn’t want anyone else to encounter. 

 I intend to turn these experiences into something positive, by guiding and helping people avoid these pitfalls and become successful financially.  

This however, is not a get rich quick journey! 


Gaining Trust by Example

Having decided to go professional early this year (January 2019), I have been successfully managing a number of client accounts.  

I am showing by example that anyone, even people with smaller accounts, can succeed by investing in Forex.   This, I have achieved by building their tiny accounts four-folds, and they continue growing.  

Check out their reviews in the Testimonials Section. 


Strategy & Results

With the Forex market so heavily manipulated, no one can really escape a drawdown.  Knowing how to manage them and come out profitable is the key.  

As long as one keeps to his/her strategy, stays disciplined and has a patience of a Saint, you will eventually come out profitable.

My Mantra:  Plan - Patience - Discipline